Once the drawings are completed Hogan Brothers will complete the subcontractor bid process, qualify the successful bidders and firm the buyout to create a guaranteed maximum price for contract. The form of contract can be either, CM plus a fee, CM at risk GMP or Lump Sum. This will happen simultaneous with bringing closure to the permitting process. Hogan Brothers is committed to the success of your project as the construction phase begins. Here, you will witness how precision scheduling and focused quality will bring your project to life. The objective of our conscientious and extremely well trained employees is to conduct all daily activities as effectively and efficiently as possible. This will create a quality environment that exceeds your expectations. We achieve this objective through a combination of concerned and engaged management and responsible and knowledgeable supervision.

We can think of no better way to eliminate design interpretation confusion, possible project delay, and potential cost overruns due to project hand off than to keep the Pre-Construction Team intact and continue during implementation on your Construction Team. This is one of the greatest benefits of working with Hogan Brothers Construction International you are never handed off to another team and never get lost in the layers of personnel. You will partner directly with the senior leadership and principals of our firm throughout the project and benefit from a level of service, expertise, and confidence that is unique in the industry.

Upon commencement of construction Hogan Brothers will provide services as follows:

 Organize the management of the project via Prolog

 Expedite submittals for early lead items

 Mobilize the field personnel

 Manage field operations and jobsite meetings

 Provide monthly status reports assessing, schedule, cost variance, submittals, materials delivery

 Manage change orders to a minimum

 Aggressively pursue quality control

 Continuously monitor safety systems and conformance

 Organize permit closure and certificate of occupancy

 Assist with transition and featuring for Owner

 Project closeout

● Quality Assurance and Quality Control

● Critical Path long lead Procurement

● Project Safety Plan

● Critical Path Scheduling

● Contract Administration

● Cost Management

● Weekly Progress Meetings and Reporting

● Change Order/RFI Management

● Project “As Built” Drawings

● Project Close out Documentation

● Warranty Resolution

● Building transition and Start-up

Construction management